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We are into software development for over three decades.

All our projects have been successful

We already have some developed products and prototypes.

Large scale IBM based GML Script Document Conversion Technology. We any requiring to convert books and manual to convert to PDF Word FrameMaker XML etc. may contact us. We shall undertake such conversion with to suite your most stringent quality and budget.

We have already perfected form based PDF Generation. We shall be very interested to developing online PDF generating web service for high volume transaction.

We have tools based on Java and C++ for any kind of Security System requirements for communication, Portal, SSO, Authentication, Locks, Self-synchronizing Asynchronous Synchronous ciphers etc

We have developed software to build Market Place where other shoppers can open their shop, have their individual url identity order processing and business. We shall be interested build similar product for any type of market place.

We have developed a peer to peer document sharing technology that is very private e.g. patient document. Peers are healthcare providers - doctors physicians dentists diagnostic centers hospitals specialist pharmacists etc. All peers get connected send and receive host documents and shares the same very selectively as required for limited time only. We called it Collaborative platform healthcare - we shall be interested to implement for hospitals, banks, Exchange, Insurance, or Corporationetc. where document privacy, sharing or exchange can take place.

Performance Analysis tool for Mobile System

Please Contact Us if the above interest you - we shall develop them for you in a price that is impossible to match. We already have done the research and development.

Legacy Document Conversion

Engineering Document Management System

Collaborative Platform for Healthcare

Security and Encryption

Mobile System Performance Analysis Tool



We specialize in providing total solution - Integration of network, hardware, Servers, computers, software  -  ERP, Document Sharing Systems, Financial Systems, Messaging System, Security System, Control System, Claims processing System, Rules Processing System etc. Whatever be your current system, we shall be able to replace it with a system that will measure upto the transaction rate that is desired. 


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We may select the right technical person if you need one. Tell us your requirements and we shall make sure you have right candidate who would excel in your environment. We are sure of ourselves since our projects never fail. Our evaluation criteria is not keyword matched resume but education and accomplishment of the candidate.

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